If you are tour operator or individual traveler and you want to explore Serbia – this is the right place for you! We, as official tourist agency, offer many different programs and ways to FEEL SERBIA… read more


Throughout Serbia you can feel unique scent. The scent of untouched nature, the culinary delights of traditional Serbian cuisine, smell of coffe from one of caracteristics serbian's cofee shops...


For Serbian cuisine are caracteristic diverse tastes. You can enjoy the sweet and sour sauces typical for Vojvodina or the hot peppers in southern Serbia. Here you can expect a wealth of taste whether to issue an appetizer, main course and a variety of desserts. Sarma, cherry sauce, noodles with...


On every corner in Serbia you can hear the sound of music. Serbs are people who loves music. Here you can hear all type of music - folk, dance, pop, rock and most of all you can enjoy sounds of traditional music...


Come to Serbia and feel with touch. Enjoy bathing, touching the grains of sand from the Danube, the grass of untouched nature, Drvengrad's buildings and more.


In Serbia you can see beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains. You can also see the diversity of cultures and traditions, modern life style in the capital city and traditional life style in small villages. All four seasons offer to you a unique atmosphere, and memorable images of life.